Woady Yaloak Athletics Club

A Little History

The Woady Yaloak Athletic Club was established in 1997 and is affiliated with Athletics Victoria as a specialist athletic club focusing upon junior development activities and athletics. The Club conducts seasonal activities on Friday nights at the Haddon Recreation Centre,

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in 'track and field' and runs a cross country program in and around the Woady Yaloak district. The programmes in both seasons commence at 4.30 and usually conclude around 6pm
The age groups vary from under 5 through to under 18 and adults

The Woady Yaloak Athletic Club encourages further Pathways in athletics with the Wendouree Athletic Club (Ballarat Regional Centre) and the Ballarat Little Athletics. Many athletes have taken these opportunities and have been rewarded with success at the higher level.

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The Woady Yaloak Athletic Club incorporated is based at the Haddon Recreation Reserve, and has a working relationship with the Haddon Primary School. The club provides weekly developmental activities, and competitions, as well as providing school clinics, promotional activities and ongoing coaching and training for many school athletes.

Regular competition includes track and field from October through to March with a break over the Christmas holidays.

The activities that have been provided have assisted in lifting the profile of athletics in the regional primary schools, which have under-pinned successful competitive interschool results. The activities cater for all of the family (from under 5 through to seniors and veterans) and are conducted by parents under the guidance of the experienced club coordinator, and qualified coaches

Club Guidlines, Procedures & Information

1. Age groups

The age groups will be determined be the age of the athlete on the 31st of December. The age groups will start at under 5 through to Veterans.

2. Club Coaches

Accreditation is encouraged to assist with the understanding of athletic events and the specific skills required. Coaching of all athletes is encouraged and ongoing; before, during and after competition. Accreditation courses are run yearly.

3. Championships

Club championships will be run over two rounds, with awards presented to all place getters. Outside of club entries are encouraged with an additional entry fee. Ages will be determined as at the 31st of December during the current season.
Regional and State championships will be encouraged and entry forms available.
Extra registration and entry fees may be required for these competitions.

4. Events

The events will run accordingly under AAU rules, but with some modifications made for minimum age athletes, and specific club requirements.

5. First Aid

Accredited first aiders - Coordinator, coaches and some parents

6. Cancellations

Cancellation of any day will be avoided unless unforeseen circumstances arise. For wet and hot weather, modified indoor programs will be provided - and will include a set aggregate points for participation.

7. Competition Points

Competition points will be awarded for all competition, including club championships. Points will be awarded for an aggregate season total, as well as for a combined handicap season total.

8. Safety

Safety aspects should be observed in all circumstances, especially in the throwing events. Parents should direct all children to remain behind designated cones, and be seated when possible


9. Honesty

For a successful competition, parent helpers should encourage precise measuring and recording under all circumstances - for the benefits of all concerned.

10. Registrations

Athletes shall be registered in accordance with the registration costs adopted at the Annual General Meeting, and become a member of the Woady Yaloak Athletic Club. External competitions may incur further registrations and entry fees.
Dual registration with Wendouree Athletic Club and the Ballarat Little Athletics is promoted for all athletes.

11. Legal and insurance

The Woady Yaloak Athletic Club Incorporated, is currently registered with Athletics Victoria
Personal Insurance is not provided for competing athletes, but advise on such is available on request.

12. Warm ups

Weekly warm ups and stretches will be conducted prior to competition. Please be early.
On going event training and information sessions will encourage event knowledge development for parents to successfully instruct and officiate during the season

14. Haddon Gift

The Haddon Gift will be run on the seasons end trophy night. This event will encourage all athletes as well as parents to participate under handicap conditions over a 100m.

15. Runathon

The club runathon will be conducted on a set night with sponsorship encouraged from all participants. Many awards will be presented for sponsorship gained as well as distances covered. A structured set of activities will be provided for the younger age groups to compliment their efforts in the runathon


All club events will start from 4.30pm, with families / athletes to meet at the Haddon Recreation Centre at 4.20pm and travel in a convoy to the race start. Members may also meet at the race start


$25 per athlete plus a compulsory one-off purchase of a club singlet $15.
Full membership must be paid to compete, however an invitation entry is offered with a limit of 2 weeks per athlete. Membership must be then paid to continue. No sponsor awards will be given with invitation entries.

Aggregate point system

First place will receive points as of the number of competitors - down to the last finisher gaining 1 point. Athletes starting but not finishing a race receive one point.
Athletes having first race will gain an invitation handicap.
Aggregate point will accrue throughout the season with the highest points being the winner in each age group.

Handicap system

Athletes will be handicapped from their first race. The handicap time then will be determined from a pre-set time. Handicap times will be checked and adjusted when necessary.

Sponsored awards (trophies/medallions)

To be eligible for a sponsored or club award, new athletes must be registered and have at least 2 starts to confirm their handicap times.

Club Championships

Club championships will be run during the season with the fastest times in each group being the age group champion.

CLUB SINGLETS MUST BE WORN IN ALL RACES, to display club sponsor, along with other sponsored attire.

Club Discipline Policy

To parents:

Please be advised: a WARNING PROCEDURE is in place during the season and follows a process to deal with inappropriate and disorderly behaviour. This may be disruptive, offensive, or dangerous to other children or parents helpers. This policy includes all participants, parent helpers and spectators and will be enforced by members of the club's executive committee.

First offence

Participants behaviour is brought to attention and are asked to modify their behaviour such that it becomes suitable to the environment. May give options.

Second offence

Participants behaviour is brought to attention and are asked to modify their behaviour such that it becomes suitable to the environment. Participants are removed from their group for approximately 10 minutes and parents are informed of their behaviour. - For others a refusal to acknowledge will incur the notice to be removed from the premises.

Third and continuing offenses

Removal from the group for the remainder of the activities and parents are informed to remove them from the premises.


Club Contact Details

Club House368 Sago Hill Road, Haddon Vic 3351
Club Emailwoadyaths@outlook.com
Pres Address
Pres Phone0448 940150
Vice PresidentHelen Bleicher
Vp Address
Vp Phone0400 920718
Sec Address
Sec Phone0448 070930
Tres Address
Tres Phone0447 633523
Ath CoordinatorPeter Luke
Coord Address
Coord Phone0410 524995
Committee Mem1Amanda Anderson
Committee Mem2Kerrie Anderson
Committee Mem3Sarah Luke
Committee Mem4Rhiannon Mann & Amber Jeffries
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